Calling all Curly Girls

As a naturally curly girl I always get asked what products I use in my hair.  Most curls need hydration, and living in the desert  you definitely need hydration.  Thats why when I discovered the Kevin Murphy line and their motto “SkinCare for you hair” I knew I had to try it. I start with Kevin Murphy Young Again Wash , this shampoo is light and leaves your hair feeling soft and  moisturized.  Next, the conditioner which is a must for every curly girl,  Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Rinse is the next step and this left my hair feeling hydrated, lush,  it helps prevent moisture loss so that equals less frizz.  Also an important step I learned from my stylist was to rinse the conditioner out with cool or cold water and my must for all curly girls, detangle and comb through your hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb. Then squeeze any excess water out. Product is next, KV Killer Curls which helps define the curl, I use a palm size amount and just crunch it into the hair, it helps to moisturize the scalp and defines the curl then I use KV Motion Lotion which is a curl enhancing lotion. After all my products are in, I usually diffuse my hair upside down and side to side until it is 70% dry, and then let it naturally air dry and fluff it up a bit, if needed. Lastly, my favorite KV product Shimmer Shine, which is a repairing shine mist that just gives your hair that touch of shine not to mention it smells amazing and I’ve even used it on my body for a little glow. This stuff is too good.  You can find all of these product on or if you live in the Las Vegas desert like me you can visit my go to salon   

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